Comprehensive Medication Management

Physical Therapy

Of all the treatments you might need to fight chronic pain, physical therapy uniquely targets your musculoskeletal system. Our physical therapists provide treatments to promote healing, relieve your pain, strengthen your body, and restore your ability to move and stay active in life.

Nutritional Testing

If you want to restore your health, maintain wellness, and perform at your best, you must support your body with nutrients it needs. Healthy nutrition also goes a long want toward easing chronic pain. We offer nutritional testing to determine your status and develop a nutraceutical intervention that meets your needs.

Allergy Testing

We are not only testing for typical allergy triggers, but also for autoimmune triggers which can lead to inflammation and pain.

Gastrointestinal Testing

The test we utilize analyzes the gut biome screens for digestive enzymes, whether there is inflammation and any potential pathogens in the gut.

Hormonal Testing

We test hormones which can be effected by pain medications.

Genetic Testing

This test shows how an individual metabolizes or breaks down drugs, which can be average, rapid or slow. This can determine if a drug may be ineffective or toxic.

Stress Management

We provide cognitive behavioral therapy for stress management.

Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, know that you are not alone.

Chronic Pain

The longer you struggle with chronic pain, the more you cut yourself off from activities, limiting your life and unknowingly contributing to the cycle of pain.


Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that affects up to 4 million American adults


Tension headaches often come from muscle pain in the neck and shoulders, which respond to treatment by physical therapy.

Joint Pain

Joint pain is a common problem that can have various causes, including arthritis, overuse, and general wear-and-tear.

Neck Pain

Neck pain can occur at any time, making it difficult to turn your head, drive, or even life down.

Nerve Pain

Nerve pain is a chronic condition that’s often the result of injury or disease.

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