A Team Approach

Dr. James H. Gruft discusses the team approach, and how working together helps to ensure a better outcome.

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Comprehensive Pain Management

The most important issue in pain management is a focus on managing chronic pain symptoms as opposed to forcing a “quick fix” or masking symptoms without addressing their root and meaning.

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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy (PT) programs provide services that help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients suffering from injuries or disease.

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Meet Our Team

Meet Dr. Gruft and the From Pain to Wellness staff, learn about our services, and get the help you need.

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Treating Sleep Dysfunction

According to a recent study published in the Journals of Gerontology, approximately 3 out of 5 aging adults experience some form of sleep dysfunction. We can help you!

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Nutrition Is Medicine

High-quality dietary nutrients can alter the way our genes do their job while insufficient nutrient-intake due to a poor diet can be a serious risk factor for a number of diseases.

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Types of Chronic Pain

Types of Chronic Pain

Pain that has continued for more than six months is generally classified as chronic pain.

There are various types of chronic pain – each is unique, and each must be addressed uniquely through treatment.

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Jumpstart To Wellness Program

Criteria for Admission
  • Pain lasting longer then 6 months
  • Over 30% downtime (percentage of the waking day that you are inactive because of your pain)
Why choose our Jumpstart to Wellness program for a work-related injury?

The purpose of the Jumpstart to Wellness Program is the achievement of maximal functional restoration to people with pain through intensive exposure and participation in Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC).

We utilize an expert multi-disciplinary team approach which offers comprehensive patient care. We are dedicated to moving the process forward for the client.

Our specialists monitor the patient’s journey towards functional restoration and are able to determine maximal medical improvement (MMI).

The program is under Dr. James Gruft’s medical supervision. Dr. Gruft successfully ran an effective pain management program in the Chicago area for over 14 years. The three pillars of the Jumpstart to Wellness program are:

1) Exercise (functional restoration),
2) Stress management
3) Dietary modification.

All the classic principles of comprehensive pain management are included in this program, with the addition of intensive education in the role of diet in pain management.

Our documentation is diligently generated in a timely manner. In addition there are three patient conferences during the patient’s stay, during which time the patient’s progress is described and blocks to progress are addressed. At the conclusion of the program a physical capacity summary is generated, describing the patient’s functional capacity and determining the degree to which he or she has reached maximal medical improvement (MMI).

The Program

Below is an explanation of each part of the Jumpstart to Wellness program:

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy in the Jumpstart to Wellness Program has a fourfold purpose: postural reintegration, increased functional activity tolerance, increased strength and pain-management. Physical therapy sessions in the Jumpstart to Wellness Program help people with pain by addressing any postural imbalances they have and correcting them.

At the same time, each patient is started on an exercise program tailored to his or her condition, with the goal of increasing endurance and strength and improving the ability to perform activities of daily living.

Physical barriers to progress are addressed in individual sessions. Patients keep a daily record of their exercises and functional activities in the program.

The result of this participation is increased endurance and strength, resulting in a greater capacity for performing activities of daily living. A physical capacity assessment is completed weekly to document progress.

The format is group exercise and functional conditioning under the direct supervision of a certified physical therapist along with his/her assistants. Every day patients are in an activity circuit for approximately two hours. On certain days, individual sessions are added to address the physical barriers to functional progress.


The purpose of the Psychology in the Jumpstart to Wellness Program is fourfold: to assess and help patients acquire pain-coping abilities, stress-management tools, improved communication skills, and functional life goals.

Psychology sessions in the Jumpstart to Wellness Program address psychosocial barriers that may diminish a patient’s ability to make functional gains. The teaching is done in a group setting, allowing for interactive discussions, supervised by our Pain Psychologist.

Psychological barriers to progress (excessive stress, negative self-talk, interpersonal distress, and poor coping skills) are further addressed in individual sessions. Patients keep a record of their use of coping tools and how effective they are during the program.

The result of this participation in group and individual psychology sessions is increased self-efficacy, improved pain-coping abilities, better stress-management, more effective communication with family and friends — all leading to a greater capacity for performing activities of daily living. The Multidimensional Pain Inventory (MPI) and other outcome measurements are completed regularly to document progress.

Daily group talks cover a series of topics pertinent to pain-management. Group discussions are facilitated by the Pain Psychologist. Patients participate in this talk/group discussion for approximately one hour. One-on-one sessions are added to further address individual psychological barriers to functional progress.


The nutritional component of the Jumpstart to Wellness program includes individual medical nutrition therapy sessions to monitor patient’s daily progress. Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) testing is done weekly to monitor muscle growth, fat loss, fluid intake and phase angle.

Group nutritional education talks systematically address how to make attainable healthy lifestyle choices. Healthy organic lunches are provided along with presentations on nutritional topics to deepen patient’s knowledge of a healthy diet. Cooking demonstrations in our kitchen effectively incorporate ways to easily prepare healthy meals at home.

Physician Rounds

The purpose of the Physician rounds in the Jumpstart to Wellness Program are to assess the degree of progress being made in the areas of: medication management, pain-coping, stress-management, communication skills, and physical functional gains. Daily records of the patient’s exercise and functional capacity, as well as his or her use of coping tools are reviewed by the doctor and recommendations for further progress are made. The result of these reviews is that the physician gains a detailed picture of the degree of progress the patient is making in the program and the patient is educated in the art of pain-management. The format is individual meetings. Barriers to functional progress are addressed in the Patient Care Conference.

Patient Care Conference

Patient Care Conference (PCC) is a meeting that occurs three times during the patient’s stay in the Jumpstart to Wellness Program. Those in attendance include the patient, his or her case manager, the treating nurse, physical therapist, lifestyle educator, psychologist and physician.

The purpose of the first PCC is an initial assessment of the patient’s functional capacity and the setting of goals for the patient to meet during his or her participation in the program. The goals are written in a contractual form that the patient signs at the conclusion of the meeting, acknowledging his or her agreement to try to achieve these goals.

The second PCC documents progress made towards the goals set. Barriers to progress are addressed with interdisciplinary team problem-solving.

The last PCC summarizes the progress made in the program, the patient’s present physical capacity, and recommendations pending discharge.

Educational Talks by RN

The purpose of the Education Talks in the Jumpstart to Wellness Program are to educate people with pain about sleep hygiene, proper medication management, pain-coping tools and the importance of exercise, fitness and diet for pain-management. Patients participate in the group discussions led by the nurse at From Pain to Wellness. The results of this participation are the acquisition of new skills for pain management, improved sleep, and more effective ways to manage their medications. We strive to instill an appreciation for increasing activity levels and the profound role of diet in decreasing pain.

The format is a talk by our nurse every morning on a series of pain-coping topics, followed by a group discussion. These talks are given under the direct supervision of a physician in the center.

Workers’ Compensation Professionals – please contact us for more information about the Jumpstart to Wellness Program: 630-627-7500

From Pain To Wellness
By: James H. Gruft, M.D.

This book is for those who are not afraid to explore the nature of their pain, those who refuse to sweep it under the rug. Every one of us experiences chronic pain of one type or another.

This book is written for the person who wants to understand and deal with his or her pain. For health care professionals who would like to know another way to approach people suffering from pain, this book is for them as well…”
– James H. Gruft, M.D.

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